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Dissent and Disappointment

I’ll start today where I ended Tuesday’s note: “... we should seriously consider the possibility that this meeting could have more room for dissent and disappointment than is readily apparent.” Well, there is no doubt that this FOMC meeting brought with it both...

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The politics behind tomorrow’s FOMC decision

Imagine for a moment you are a Federal Reserve Board Governor or a Federal Reserve Bank President. Further imagine that after agreeing with your colleagues on the need for an inflation-targeting regime change in August, it’s now time to put the plan into action this...

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The death of the death of the USD

Try to find a mainstream financial news article, or a sell-side research piece, which outlines a bullish case for the USD. It ain’t easy! I browsed through my inbox, and online, going back to March, but I came up empty-handed. I suppose if there was one, its bullish...

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