Recent Commentaries

$1.9 trillion of crowding out, pork, and redistribution

In November of 1968, Milton Friedman and Walter Heller were pitted against one another during the seventh annual Arthur K. Solomon lecture at NYU. Walter tackled the question “Is Monetary Policy Being Oversold?” while Milton, of course, took on the other side: “Has...

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Spoos and J’s

The end of the year is always a time for deep reflections – a time to step away from the myopic, day-to-day headlines and take a broader look at both markets and fundamentals. Most importantly, though, for me, it’s a time to think about past trading successes and...

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Escape from New York

In the 1981 John Carpenter cult classic Escape from New York, Snake Plisskin (a 20-something Kurt Russell) is sent onto the dystopian streets of Manhattan to rescue a kidnapped POTUS. The setting is in the future, 1997, when crime across the US is rampant and...

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